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Tuxedo is a message routing and queuing system developed by Oracle Corporation. When requests are directed to named services, Tuxedo uses memory-based inter-process communication installations to queue the requests to servers.

The requester will have no knowledge of      the location of the server that processes the request and how it is finally implemented. Tuxedo can be touted as a decades-old precursor to the latest concept of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). Further, Tuxedo is capable of utilizing the content of the message to zero in on the server that shall be utilized to receive the request. The request is actually received through data-dependent routing.  

Developer of the Tuxedo software, Oracle Corporation describes Oracle Tuxedo as #1 application server for C, C++, COBOL, Java and dynamic language applications in both the environments of a private cloud or of a traditional data centre.

Oracle Tuxedo offers a linearly scalable platform to develop, deploy and manage mission-critical applications of high reliability. Another key feature of Oracle Tuxedo is its ability to provide optimized communication between and among applications that are written in various programming   languages, like for instance, in C, C++, COBOL, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby.

And for those who ask why Oracle Tuxedo 12 C now, here is the answer: Oracle tuxedo 12.1.3 second release is rich with features, takes performance and availability of enterprise applications to next level on the Oracle Engineered Systems. Further, Oracle Tuxedo comes with several tools for application development, deployment and management and thereby reducing the combined cost of ownership.

Oracle has brought out a 46-page document on Guidelines for Upgrading to Tuxedo 12C. Further, the Oracle Tuxedo blog has revealed that core enhancements can improve application performance two to three times the original version. This improved performance comes without any changes to the application code.

The new features also add up to a huge improvement in the application availability and lesser complexity in its management. 

Tuxedo software is a middleware platform with a major application in managing distributed transaction processing. It is used in distributed computing environments. 

Tuxedo is an abbreviated form of Transactions for Unix, Extended for Distributed Operations. It is variously described as a transaction processing system or transaction-oriented middleware and as an enterprise application server for various systems and programming languages.

Oracle Tuxedo is industry’s top-notch platform for disseminated exchange processing. Tuxedo is characterized by its boundless adaptability and a powerful exchange handling monitor. As far back as in 1993, Tuxedo was billed as the “best known” distributed transaction processing monitor.

Oracle Tuxedo 12C online training helps administrators, architects and developers to administer Oracle Tuxedo applications. The only pre-requisites for learning the course are prior knowledge of TCP/IP as well as a certain degree of programming knowledge.

Of late, Oracle Tuxedo 12C online training has become popular among learners.  

In the online training course, you will learn how to configure Tuxedo application deployments. Apart from a chapter on the Architectural Overview, another chapter in the Oracle Tuxedo 12C online training course deals with Tuxedo Application Configuration that includes finer aspects of MACHINES’ Section Parameters and SERVERS’ Section Parameters.

Another chapter in the Oracle Tuxedo 12C Online training course deals with monitoring and maintenance of Tuxedo Application tools.  Tuxedo Remote clients and Tuxedo Security Configuration and Administration are dealt with in separate chapters.

Distributed Application Configuration and Distributed Transaction Configuration and their administration are taught in detail, apart from Advanced Server Group Configuration in the Oracle Tuxedo 12C Online training course.

Tuxedo Queuing Configuration and Domain Gateway Configuration and their administration account for two more chapters. One more chapter is on Accessing the Tuxedo Management Information Base (MIB) and yet another chapter deals with using of Tuxedo System and Applications Monitoring (TSAM).   

Oracle TSAM in the latest release comes with comprehensive monitoring and reporting for the Oracle Tuxedo system and applications. Some more new features of the      Oracle Tuxedo 12 C include — Integration with Oracle Business Transaction Management (BTM) to keep an eye on end-to-end business transactions across Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle Web-logic Server and Oracle Database.

Another new feature is the ability to oversee Oracle Tuxedo applications on Exalogic from Exalogic Dashboard.  The new release will ensure optimal deployment by carrying out Oracle Enterprise Manager compliance and health checks. 

Oracle Tuxedo 12.1.3 has also brought in a new Jython scripting tool in order to develop scripts at short notice, for operation, automation and monitoring.

Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime enhancements in the 12.1.3 version include those related to Batch monitoring including job incident policy, job log and syslog management. Enhanced performance of Standalone Oracle TSAM Plus console for applications with thousands of Oracle Tuxedo server instances or service instances. 

The Oracle Tuxedo 12C online training will make you learn how to configure Tuxedo applications in order to support native and distant clients. Tuxedo needs to be configured to include workstations and web services clients.  Further, you will learn how to use advanced monitoring and dynamic performance configuration options.

You will also learn how to secure Tuxedo applications and services and how to put in place Exalogic optimizations for Tuxedo. From the Oracle Tuxedo 12C online training course, you will also learn how to create Tuxedo server and client executables from the source code.

As you will learn from the Oracle Tuxedo 12C Online training course, Tuxedo works on the concept of clustering and Bulletin Board (BB) is at the core of its working. Bulletin Board acts as a sounding board as all Servers, Services, transactions and clients are registered on it and it can provide an eagle view of their state across machines within a domain. The course will familiarize you on how to go about capacity planning for such applications which comprise of multiple machines and domains.

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