Microsoft SharePoint: Learning Attribute and Scope

SharePoint is a software application having a lot of implementation in technology development. Microsoft has developed this web based application, which combines various functions for applications such as: intranet, extranet, business intelligence, document management, work flow management. Nowadays SharePoint is highly granted and recognised application platform having deployment with varied software applications and tools.

About the course

SharePoint has so many versions like 2011,2007,2010 and one of the latest is SharePoint 2013, the service provided by Office 365.ERp, BI, CRM are the various product of SharePoint. It has access in HTML and ASPX pages. For having a good grip on SharePoint one must have the knowledge of C#, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It operates with server side as well as client object model which facilitate business process management (BPM) enterprise and social networking, searches, media management, web content management. It manages the internet information services (IIS).

BPM is designed using SharePoint designer 2013, visual studio 2013. SSOM, CSOM, JSOM, Silverlight client object model, Silverlight mobile object model, Windows PowerShell are the various programming models for SharePoint.


  • Expertise on .NET

What Makes SharePoint Efficient and Effective?

Following are the features:

  • SharePoint is easy to use and standalone providing support to end user.
  • Deals with all the security issues
  • It has all the access services and excel services
  • Business connectivity
  • User profile and search services
  • Incorporation with project management of SharePoint is the beneficiary thing about to complete a task successfully

Job Opportunity

SharePoint has huge application and so it is high demanding in market. There is a great opportunity of career growth and most of the leading companies are looking for quality employee to offer a good chance.