R Programming Online Training

R programming is a flexible programming language for statistical computing and graphic support. R is the powerful open source implementation that eclipsed commercially available S-plus program. R is a free contributed package that works on Macs, PCs and linux systems. Even R shares screen with windows 7.

R programming language is widely used by statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software. It helps in data analysis, data miners survey that increases its popularity. The source code of R is written in C, Fortran and R. R is freely available under GNU general public license.

What drags to learn R?

  • R is statistics package and programming language as well.
  • The designing of R is done in such way that it actually resembles with solution of related problem.
  • R is a flexible and powerful programming language

Logical view of R

R gives outcome in binary format that is 0 or 1 that helps in discriminant analysis to overcome from the problem. To measure the binary outcome of R, 1 is for success and 0 is for failure. The logistic curve of R always shows nice asymptotic property between 0 and 1.

Features of R Programming

R provides the programming features that supports data input, importing data, keyboard input, data management, operators and built-in functions, datatypes etc. R makes statistical models quite simple which consists of correlation, frequency tables, along with advanced statistics and discriminant functions and matrix.

About the Course

R programming online training will help you to learn the basics as well as advanced features of R. This course covers the introduction of R, different importing format of data, data manipulation etc. This course also includes data structures, variables, management flow, functions, R surroundings, statistics, logistic regression, graphics, R programming mapping, R integration with Hadoop.

Job Cogency

R programming provides a wide range of career opportunity. Number of good companies are looking for R skilled professionals like Facebook, Bing, Google, Firefox, New York Times, Orbitz etc.



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