Microsoft Project Server 2013 Ideology

Microsoft Project Server is one of the important product created by Microsoft that uses the Microsoft SharePoint as an interface to support the client applications or browsers to Project web app. It stores the information in central SQL server database, so that it can be protected from data violation. One of the great feature supported by the Project Server 2013 is that it is able to hide and show the PWA (Project Web App) navigation bar. Project Server is able to store offline data, so that if user connects to server again then updated information should be synchronized to the server. Another important feature Microsoft Project Server is fascinated with, is the ability to centralize the information of all the projects. So it makes use of SharePoint 2013 that is already integrated with excel services and performance point services.

MS P-server

To analyse different projects, Project Server groups them and filter in Project Web App to take a better and useful analyzation of data. For online projects, it takes the browser based analysis that forms data with help of graphics and tables using OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

Security Aspects of Data using Project Server 2013

  • Data are stored in SQL Server
  • Companies are authorized to choose between SharePoint Permission Mode and Project Server Permission Mode to set the role and permission for accessing data
  • It holds data backup that increases more data security
  • Data can be recovered and restoration can be done for entire database or individual project
  • Data access can be fast and secure using SSL encryption

Course Overview

To increase the project management reliability and team collaboration, Project Server 2013 is designed to provide the clear visibility of resources. With this course one can be able to learn that how to become a project professional to update and enhance the work progress. The course includes Microsoft project user interface, Microsoft project data model, Project web app, Custom configuration of enterprise fields, lookup tables and calendars, SharePoint designer workflow, performing portfolio analysis, creating project proposal, analyzing the critical path and task drivers, business intelligence center etc.


Microsoft Project Server 2013 is featured with new capabilities of data maintenance that increase its performance. Following are the key points that actually poses the beneficiary aspects for it.

Resource Management: It effectively manages the resources that provides the analyzation of accuracy, utilization and capacity of working team.

Project Reporting: It increases the visibility of team members with information they need by providing them audience reports and dashboards.

Project Consistency: It increases the consistency of different projects that are managed in various departments within the organisations to ensure the process clarity.

Project Recognition: It helps to decide the right projects to be identified and approved to meet the goals of organisation.

Team Collaboration and Work Efficiency: It provides the streamline to work that enables the team collaboration across project teams for their task updates.



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