Introducing Technology with R-Programming

R-programming is the statistical software used in development of statistical software and data analysis. It is a free software written in C and FORTRAN languages. It imposes the features of data structure, a graphical approach and command line support. It is a unique language which supports the dialogue boxes and workflow diagrams. It has interactive platform to analyse the data and adequate efficiency to resolve the problems.

R Programming Infographic
R-programming is more portable on windows platform as one can easily install or upgrade the software. It’s also a dynamic language and rapidly changing, so it’s important to keep up with the latest tools and technologies. All of R’s programming libraries are free, but the Revolution Analytics makes its business from its service packages, which give customers access to the libraries. There are some of the libraries which has become an open source such as R Hadoop project’s libraries. These Revolution Analytics are using object oriented concepts to create algorithm and user interfaces.

Assistance for Business Development

R can develop good business strategy, and all new research is done in R. So especially for businesses R-programming is setting an environment to help their competitors on the basis of advanced analytics. They can get access to everything they need within R.
Coming to the real scenario Facebook is the best example to show the effective result of using R-programming. Facebook uses a technique called power analysis in order to figure out whether it has collected enough relevant data when it studies how users interact with new features which are available on the website. These accuracies in data are helping to set more and more advanced features to enhance the work performance of website which really help to run business to a great extent. All these things are credited to the research data scientists who have developed the appropriate statistical tools in R and made them available to everyone. R-programming are strengthening to data science to study the customers’ data models.

What Advantages R Signifies?

The key advantage associated with R is featured with the abilities of being open-source programming language that has been built specifically for statistical analysis. It has its inbuilt statistical algorithms: 1. The sheer amount of mathematical models and 2. Machine learning algorithms available to users. Apart from the analytical and machine learning capabilities, R also allows for interactive graphics through external packages, which are having support for Google’s visualization API and JavaScript libraries. R is free of cost for handling R projects which is an attractive feature it has. Big data is possessing so many effective tools for data modeling but when it comes to data analysis, R really stands out as it has in-built configuration of statistical formula.

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