What is “TOGAF Certification” About?

The Open cluster has introduced a certification program for TOGAF, presently Versions 8.1 – its business normal design framework and methodology.

TOGAF Certification is for both individuals and organizations. Individual scan become certified by demonstrating their information of TOGAF either by attending a coaching course or passing associate degree examination take a look at. Organizations will have their merchandise and services certified.

Customers who wish to base their IT architecture work on the open, business standard TOGAF methodology will currently procure tools, training, and also the services of consultants on the premise of certified correspondence with TOGAF standards.

Why is This Important?

TOGAF is associate degree open, business normal framework and methodology for IT design, developed and continuously evolved since the mid-90 by representatives of some of the world’s leading IT customer and vendor organizations.

It is a very important step in creating IT design a well-recognized discipline, and in introducing rigor into the procurement of tools and services for IT Architecture.

Why Should I Get TOGAF Certified?

For efficient utilization of the TOGAF framework, knowing how to beneficially implement TOGAF will prove profitable for organizations that wish to adopt this framework in its functioning, and TOGAF certified architects will continue to remain in high demand.

  1. A survey ranks TOGAF in the ninth position among the top 20 highest paying certifications in 2015. This is not surprising considering such organizations as IBM, HP, Oracle, Deloitte, Capgemini, CISCO and other leading giants are implementing TOGAF methodologies to transform their businesses, thereby increasing the job opportunities and the subsequent demands for TOGAF certified architects.
  2. Data from demonstrates why TOGAF is such a sought-after domain for certification by IT professionals:

From these figures, it is clear that:

  1. TOGAF professionals stand a great chance at breaking the $100,000\year barrier;
  2. Professionals with a TOGAF certification are among the highest-paid professionals in the IT industry.
  1. TOGAF certification enables professionals to acquire specific knowledge about the standard framework and methods of enterprise architecture and helps validate their proven knowledge of the framework.
  2. The spectrum of skills that professionals can build and develop through TOGAF certification is also vast, and includes: business skills comprising of business cases, processes, strategic planning, Enterprise Architecture skills comprising of modelling, system integration, applications and role design, Project Management skills, certain legal knowledge into the data protection laws, contract law, procurement laws, etc., and also some of the generic skills such as leadership, team-building and soft-skills.

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