Introduction to Oracle Applications R12 Architecture


Introduction to Oracle Applications R12 Architecture:

  • The Oracle Application Architecture is a framework   for multi-tiered, distributed computing that   supports Oracle Applications products.
  •  In this model, various servers or services are   distributed among three levels called Tiers.
  •  A server (or services) is a process or group of   processes that runs on a single machine.

Overview of Three Tier Architecture

Desktop Tier

The client interface is provided through HTML for HTML-based applications, and via a Java applet in a Web browser for the traditional Forms-based applications.

 Application Tier

The Application Tier various servers and service groups that process the business logic, and managing communication between the desktop tier and the database tier. Four servers or service groups comprise the basic application tier for Oracle Applications:

–   Web services

–   Forms services

–   Concurrent Processing server

–   Admin server


Sun 1.5 Java Run time Environment (JRE) i.e. Java Virtual machine (JVM) : J2SE Plug-in

Middle Tier

  • Apache Web Server 2.0
  • JRE (Java Runtime Environment) – 1.5
  • JDK (Java Development Kit) – 1.5.X
  • Oracle containers for J2EE (OC4J)
  • Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server
  • Oracle Forms/Reports 10g

Database Tier

  • Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition

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